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Horizon Auto Logistics recently expanded its service portfolio in Colombia through its operating arm Fast Terminal International, with a management service for rental and leasing of vehicles. The service is provided in all key geographical locations of the country. Fast Terminal is in the initial phase providing management of the entire process from acquisition of the vehicles, accessorization and PDI to final delivery. Intention is to expand the scope to many other related services in the process, such as vehicle registrations, vehicle yard solutions, claims, insurance, inspections at end of rental and lease periods, management of post rental and lease inventories. Says Per Folkesson, Horizon Auto Logistics Group CEO; “This business is a perfect fit for our ambition to provide total logistics. We believe the manufacturing and distribution networks will evolve in the mid-term, predominantly because of an increase in online sales of vehicles. Hence, we as suppliers need to adapt our operating models. We already operate in all segments of the Finished Vehicle supply chain, but this service is a first step in providing boutique vehicle deliveries to end-buyers”. The company’s operating model is much based on innovative technological solutions and a talented human capital. All technology is developed inhouse and used exclusively by the groups operating entities. It operates an innovation platform focusing on how the automotive industry for Finished Vehicles will evolve in the mid to long-term. Per continues; “That’s truly the exciting part of the business, learning about the significant developments taking place continuously and, in some way, interpret these and how we believe the supply chain will evolve longer term. By the end of the day, we want to ensure we remain a relevant and leading player in the industry. One of our favorite quotes is, “we must evolve as fast, if not faster, than the external environment we operate in”, it’s a brilliant take on where our mindset must be!”. The company is currently developing a prototype of a VIP Boutique Delivery Equipment, which can be deployed and customized as per the customer’s requirements. This product is now being offered as a test in one of the markets where the company is providing both 3PL and LLP services, and integrating the operations in the broader supply chain events cycle through the Control Tower Management. Horizon Auto Logistics provides complete supply chain services for finished vehicles, which includes vessel cargo-handling, port operations, yard operations and distribution centers, VPC and EPC services, inland transportation, distribution management and plant logistics. For further inquiries, please contact: Per Folkesson, CEO, +1 904 426 4577 Ignasi Sola, COO, +1 786 351 8227 info@horizonautologistics.com

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