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Horizon launches its Sustainability model


Further to recent announcements and Horizon Auto Logistics partnership with Oak Journey in developing a sustainability strategy, the company today announced the launch of its sustainability roadmap. The work began at the end of last year and in earnest in January this year. The company set-up a sustainability taskforce who built the roadmap under the guidance of, and in cooperation with Oak Journey. Says Per Folkesson, Group CEO of Horizon Auto Logistics: “This is an important step for us and to be in tune with the environmental challenges we see ahead of us and assume greater responsibility for the social well-being and governance of our operations. The framework around the process we have been through was important to us because we want to create ownership of the roadmap in the company. Hence the taskforce was critical, and they exceeded our expectations. Going forward, a sustainability committee will work closely with the taskforce and the rest of the organization getting into gear. Our ambition is as well that Oak Journey remains an integral part of the team, their expertise and guidance has been of utmost importance. Our ESG strategy doesn’t only address the environment, but also the social and economic impact our business and operations are having. Several commitments in this regard are now in place and resources will be allocated to stay the course. Our vision is to meet the targets set by 2030, providing visibility through external reporting.” Horizon currently operates in several markets within the Automotive Logistics sector, providing a full suite of supply chain services for finished vehicles from production to the end market. Besides Horizon Auto Logistics, the company operates under the brands Fast Auto Logistics and Fast Terminal International. The company recently expanded into Europe and has set its sight on further expanding in new geographical areas within the next 6-12 months. Per continues: “Environmentally, obviously our focus is on becoming carbon neutral and although this may mean electrification of our operations, at least initially and partly, we want to go one step further and work towards less dependence on lithium battery technology, which in our opinion doesn’t fit too well within the social context of a sustainability framework. We are excited to see the results of this in the years to come.” The Company’s Total Logistics model is a disruptor compared to the traditional fragmented supply chain approach in most markets, with emphasis on management and optimization of automotive flows which in turn have a significant positive impact on the environment, and cost efficiency. With state-of-the-art technology, total visibility and measuring of performance is provided 24/7 to all stakeholders. About Horizon Auto Logistics: Horizon Auto Logistics is a global Automotive Logistics Integrator providing a variety of professional value-added services to the Finished Vehicle, Heavy Equipment and Project Cargo Industries. We strongly believe in seamless Supply Chain Operations to reduce costs, shorten lead times, and alleviating capacity constraints while leaving a positive environmental and social impact. We employ a motivated human capital and technological talent, combined with a refined process environment and capable operating system, continuously delivering within these fields, and supported by an innovation platform to deliver technology and services of the future and remain a leader within Automotive Logistics.

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